Saturday, July 27, 2013

Phobia The Dark

Fear of the dark is one of the most common fears during childhood . While most children grow out of fear of the dark to some of them and for some adults are in the dark is still a nightmare. It is normal to get occasional cold or strange feeling while walking in the evening , but when the darkness of fear began to interfere with your daily life , you may want to consider if you suffer from a phobia .

Nyctophobia ( phobia of darkness ) is a word derived from the Greek " Nyx " ( night ) and the Greek " Phobos " ( fear ) . Nyctophobia is intense fear , great terror accompanied by physical and emotional symptoms . Physical symptoms includes hot or cold flashes , sweating, wide , fast heartbeat , nausea , trembling, chest or abdominal pain . Emotional symptoms cover an inability to speak or think clearly , the sensation of detachment from reality , feeling weak , feeling as if you will die and excessive anxiety or panic .

Patients from dark phobia recognize that their fear is often irrational , but facing , or even thinking about facing , the situation brings on a panic attack fear or severe anxiety . They know that there is no real danger , but feel powerless to control their fear . Phobia often cause social embarrassment and detachment . A sufferer feels lonely because secret and not be afraid to talk about it . However , this is very common , although often unspoken , fear.

A phobia sufferers will avoid the dark at all costs . It will quickly find a reason not to go out with or friends and sleep at night with all the lights on .

Dark phobia may be associated with a traumatic childhood experience . It can also increase as a result of watching too many horror movies . Unlike other types of fear is important to note that there is very little to get in the way of dodge . If you have a fear of spiders you can avoid going into the jungle . However , the fear of the darkness there is always a night that follows day.

Fear of the dark is usually not fear the darkness itself, but fear of things that are not possible or imagined dangers concealed in darkness . A patient imagine what would or could happen when in dark . The earlier you discuss the possibility of strong fear that fear can control.

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