Monday, July 8, 2013

5 Tips to Stop Panic When Driving

Do you suffer from driving phobia ? Do you find yourself avoiding driving on the freeway , just stick
to the route that you know , or even make up an excuse so that you can avoid driving at all ? Does the very thought of driving start your heart racing and your palms sweating to go ? Do you remember what triggers your fear of driving ? Are you afraid of having a panic attack while driving ?
Driving phobia is very common and tends to occur after a traumatic event . It's not even necessarily have to be directly related to the driving experience itself .
It could even happen after a relationship break- up , loss or just stress in the workplace . It also affects people as they get older .
He began to show itself to avoid - you might start making excuses for why you can not drive . This can result in your personal life because you can be less sociable , preferring to stay at home .
In extreme cases , if left unchecked , other phobias may arise , as well as a bout of depression , agoraphobia and panic .
So what happened here ? Well your brain tells you to avoid this situation as a sort of defense mechanism , a protective measure . It tells the body to detect the danger and you do not expose yourself to the risk and danger . It may be completely irrational but can have a strong influence on you .
So what can you do about it ?

Tips to stop panic attacks while driving :
1 ) Feeling fear and do it anyway - we all have moments when we are afraid to do anything . The only difference is considered to be afraid of your scale . You may feel you are on a scale of 7 or 8 out of 10 if you have to give the score. So try this : Imagine you are a soldier going to war . You only have to face one 's enemies , to do it and then it's over . Yes , you will feel all the symptoms that arise familiar , but once you confront fear , something very strange happens : you start to feel a little high , a kind of numbness that can only be described as excitement !
But relax , you do not have to face all your fears as well , which brings me to point 2 ...
2 ) Take small steps - you do not need to fill up the car and go a hundred miles on the freeway ! Simply start by driving around the block . Take things slowly . And after every small step to give yourself a pat on the back - you 've just accomplished something . Remember, the journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step .
3 ) Take a friend - share your problems with a trusted friend can make all the difference . Take them on a trip with you when feeling stressed .
4 ) Make it fun - driving the association started with a pleasant experience with driving to your favorite spot for a picnic , to the movies . Play your favorite music that gives you the greatest pleasure . Make your car to be a nice place to be .
5 ) Use your imagination - before you travel , close your eyes and picture yourself driving through a beautiful country scene . Try to taste everything . Look at the tree through the car window . Feel the steering wheel in your hand and smile when you look around . Breathe deeply while doing it and feel all your cares just drift .
The trick is to capture moments of fear before running away with you . Quite accept it and move on. It will start disappearing faster and faster , the more you deal with it . Do not try to avoid stressful situations - embrace them !

Relaxation techniques While Driving
1 . As you drive along , you may see a lot of tension in your face , jaw , neck , and shoulders . Identify where you feel stressed and make a conscious effort to relax these muscles . Work your way down from the top of your head to your shoulders . You may have to repeat several times until you feel it come into effect .
2 . Try squeezing and relaxing your hands on the wheel and repeat until you begin to feel calmer .
3 . When you feel tense , you have a tendency to breathe shallowly, so make a conscious effort to breathe slowly and deeply through your stomach all the time . But still slow .
The only sure - fire way to stop panic attacks while driving is to face your fears and with constant practice . But the result is very liberating .
Start with small steps and try to improve each time .

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