Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Effect of Concussion

What is a concussion ? Concussion is a type of head injury where the head of the region received an enormous impact or traumatic experiences . Although generally not serious concussion , there is still a possibility that it can cause brain injury and long-term damage . To understand this injury better , read below to find out the effect of short-term and long-term that brings to patients .

Short-term effects of concussion usually last for a short time only. Some can be very short and lasts for a few hours while others may take up to days or weeks before a full recovery . Symptoms can appear at various times as well . Some appear right after the incident while other symptoms delayed for days or weeks . Examples of short-term effects include headache , tinnitus , dizziness , nausea and loss of consciousness . Some people may have difficulty in sleeping while others may experience vision problems are related . Including the effects of emotional trauma , mood swings and impotence . Other people may experience anxiety and anxious over things simple , especially with regard to self and family . Concussions can also affect a person in terms of cognitive function . Some people may experience memory loss while others have difficulty in concentrating on things . It can also affect the reaction time and the ability to speak one's .

There are times when the effects of concussions take longer than usual . Some of these are total loss of memory , clinical depression , extreme anxiety and lack of muscle coordination . Long-term effects should be checked regularly to the doctor to apply the best treatment and treatment for full recovery . It is also important to note that once you have experienced a concussion , you should be more careful with your head since getting injured for the second time will cause more serious damage .

How do you get a concussion ? Most of the cases come from a sports injury , especially involving the game ball . Ball games such as soccer and basketball makes players more susceptible to severe hit in the head . It is important for every player to be careful of their movements at all times . Others come from accidents such as falls and motorcycle accidents . It is best if you always wear protective gear for the head before you do extreme activities or sports . If your head is exposed , whether it's hard or not , it is advisable to go to the nearest doctor . Have your head examined to determine if there is serious damage that has occurred . Effects of concussions can be prevented and treated promptly if a case is diagnosed early .

Concussions can bring light to severe damage to the head and brain , as well as the effects of short-term and long-term . Therefore , you should always be careful of your health and your environment to avoid situations that can cause traumatic head injury .

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