Saturday, July 20, 2013

Using Papaya to Fight Acne

Most of us assume that only oily skin prone to acne inflammation , skin oil or sebum traps dust and encourage the growth of bacteria that cause acne . However , the reality is that even dry or combination skin prone to acne problems . To add to the woe , skin types are more sensitive to over-the - counter acne products containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid and prescription ointment . This is where the acne treatment came to our rescue and in this case the papaya is known to provide an effective and gentle solution . Let us investigate this !

What are the medicinal properties of papaya which makes it effective in treating acne ? Papaya to soften the skin and lighten skin color . Raw papaya juice reduces inflammation , brown spots , pigmentation and blemishes to the extent known . A protein enzyme - dissolving called " papain " responsible for the acne -fighting properties of papaya fruit . Not only that , it contains sericin papaya seeds and papaya leaves contain alkali captain who has a property to prevent and treat acne . Papain dissolves fats and unclogs pores , rendering your skin free of lipids . In other words , it exfoliates the outer skin layer to slough off dead cells and promote the growth of healthy cells . Raw papaya juice can prevent the formation of pus , perhaps the greatest curse of inflammatory acne . Papaya -based ointments , soaps and acne products containing papain extracted from the unripe fruit .

Using papaya to start natural acne treatment is quite simple . The easiest method is to mash the fruit and apply it on the affected area . Alternatively , apply the paste all over your face as a mask , leave on for about 20 minutes until the mask dries and rinse with cold water . You can also make a mask of papaya and pineapple juice ( mix ¼ cup of mashed raw papaya with pineapple juice 1 teaspoon raw ) to improve skin tone in addition to the removal of acne . Just pat juicy pulp on the face and neck using your fingers and lay down with a towel around the head and behind the neck , as the mixture will be runny . You can actually feel the product working through a tingling sensation . Rinse off after about 20 minutes . Alternatively , apply the juice of raw papaya on pimples area earnestness inflammation .

Clear that papaya has both preventive and restorative properties , namely papaya skin care routine to prevent acne and also remove acne that has emerged . In addition , papaya is an important part of a healthy diet . Ripe papaya is rich in beta - carotene , a powerful antioxidant that prevents oxidative damage and increase the production of healthy cells . It also contains folate , vitamin A , vitamin B , and vitamin C , which is an essential nutrient healthy skin .

A word of caution here is to avoid papaya if you are sensitive to latex . Pregnant women should also avoid treatments such as latex can cause uterine contractions . Ripe papaya has a very small amount of latex while papaya contains a lot of latex , which can cause allergic reactions .

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