Friday, November 8, 2013

Hidden Benefits Of Healing

Hello! I just think about my life at this time , and in ways that have healing regularly over the last few years has changed in a way that would not generally be considered as a relationship to health and healing .

I would say they are more concerned with quality of life , integrity and confidence . This week , I have been involved with two events that night have involved me singing or chanting . And I love doing it - even though I was nervous , it was what I would call healthy , nervously excited , which comes from a desire to do their best - not weaken gut wrenching anxiety that comes about when you're really not sure what you can manage you will do ...

So , I pondered how this happened . I always liked to sing - but used to limit when I was on my own , or perhaps occasionally with a trusted friend - but it will be with a lot of anxiety and unsureness .

I believe the two main things that have changed through energy healing and EFT sessions I have during the last few years . First , I believe that some healing has helped me to " clean up " the throat chakra . I mean , that my throat had been " blocked " by certain events in my childhood , but also by the events of past life . So , through a past life regression and healing the inner child , able to express what I can not express it , I have recovered their blocks in the throat chakra , with the result that I have a clear voice and is actually quite strong .

Another aspect is that I believe that energy healing has a powerful effect on my confidence . I remember in the past almost intimidated by being in front of a group of people , almost as if they are somehow " take " all of my energy . Now , all the work I did with the energetic , almost felt as if I get energy from seeing people who I talk or sing to - even having eye contact with people !

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