Friday, July 12, 2013

5 Steps to Flawless Skin and Hair

The market is flooded with chemical -based skin and hair care products for you to experiment .
However , if the cost worth it ? You should know that the most effective skin and hair care offered by natural products and treatments . Below , we have revealed some underhanded tricks and secrets for reaching the most coveted hair and skin , naturally .

Follow the natural path to beauty :

Step 1 : When bathing , use warm water . Refrain from using hot water as it has been proven to strip the skin and hair of natural oils that help keep them soft and supple . Wipe your face with a soft towel which does not cause bruising while wiping the excess water . Also , in case your hair , let it air dry rather than blow drying and exposing it to high heat intensity and eventually dry and brittle .

Step 2 : You have to understand the value of having healthy skin and hair . If you want to show off smooth , healthy skin and hair , you need to treat them like a treasure either . While applying a cream or moisturizer , apply it gently run your fingers through your face . As far as possible , try to keep your hands off your face and hair to avoid germs stored on them .

Step 3 : Enjoy the natural skin care exfoliating your skin with herbal skin cleanser and moisturizer that offers essential nutrients and minerals to your skin . Use herbal infused , refreshing scrub skin to ward off all the dead cells bringing forth a fresh , smooth skin . In terms of hair , choose a natural hair care products like shampoos , conditioners to help improve the quality of your hair without artificial chemicals . You can also apply the yogurt , eggs , warm the oil to your hair at the weekend to improve the deteriorating condition of your hair .

Step 4 : Walk in the sun without applying sunscreen or a sunscreen called hair skin care problems . Investing in natural sunscreen available for both your skin and hair protection . Do this as and when you are out in the sun will make your skin and hair untouched and undamaged almost miraculous .

Step 5 : When it comes to stains , scars , wrinkles , and other skin imperfections , relax . You can opt for microdermabrasion . It is a kind of skin purification process that uses no chemicals or laser procedures . The ideal way to get rid of skin care products made ​​by taking them out of your schedule and make use of natural , pure , chemical -free approach .

If you are worried about where to get the best natural beauty products for skin and hair benefits , do not fret ! With the advent of technology , you can get all the beauty products online . Along with this , load your diet with foods and drinks rich in antioxidants and other essential minerals to crush damage caused by pollution of the environment healthy . Some skin and hair benefits of green tea and foods including fresh fruits and vegetables are a powerhouse of vitamins A , C and E.

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