Friday, November 8, 2013

Hidden Benefits Of Healing

Hello! I just think about my life at this time , and in ways that have healing regularly over the last few years has changed in a way that would not generally be considered as a relationship to health and healing .

I would say they are more concerned with quality of life , integrity and confidence . This week , I have been involved with two events that night have involved me singing or chanting . And I love doing it - even though I was nervous , it was what I would call healthy , nervously excited , which comes from a desire to do their best - not weaken gut wrenching anxiety that comes about when you're really not sure what you can manage you will do ...

So , I pondered how this happened . I always liked to sing - but used to limit when I was on my own , or perhaps occasionally with a trusted friend - but it will be with a lot of anxiety and unsureness .

I believe the two main things that have changed through energy healing and EFT sessions I have during the last few years . First , I believe that some healing has helped me to " clean up " the throat chakra . I mean , that my throat had been " blocked " by certain events in my childhood , but also by the events of past life . So , through a past life regression and healing the inner child , able to express what I can not express it , I have recovered their blocks in the throat chakra , with the result that I have a clear voice and is actually quite strong .

Another aspect is that I believe that energy healing has a powerful effect on my confidence . I remember in the past almost intimidated by being in front of a group of people , almost as if they are somehow " take " all of my energy . Now , all the work I did with the energetic , almost felt as if I get energy from seeing people who I talk or sing to - even having eye contact with people !

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Phobia The Dark

Fear of the dark is one of the most common fears during childhood . While most children grow out of fear of the dark to some of them and for some adults are in the dark is still a nightmare. It is normal to get occasional cold or strange feeling while walking in the evening , but when the darkness of fear began to interfere with your daily life , you may want to consider if you suffer from a phobia .

Nyctophobia ( phobia of darkness ) is a word derived from the Greek " Nyx " ( night ) and the Greek " Phobos " ( fear ) . Nyctophobia is intense fear , great terror accompanied by physical and emotional symptoms . Physical symptoms includes hot or cold flashes , sweating, wide , fast heartbeat , nausea , trembling, chest or abdominal pain . Emotional symptoms cover an inability to speak or think clearly , the sensation of detachment from reality , feeling weak , feeling as if you will die and excessive anxiety or panic .

Patients from dark phobia recognize that their fear is often irrational , but facing , or even thinking about facing , the situation brings on a panic attack fear or severe anxiety . They know that there is no real danger , but feel powerless to control their fear . Phobia often cause social embarrassment and detachment . A sufferer feels lonely because secret and not be afraid to talk about it . However , this is very common , although often unspoken , fear.

A phobia sufferers will avoid the dark at all costs . It will quickly find a reason not to go out with or friends and sleep at night with all the lights on .

Dark phobia may be associated with a traumatic childhood experience . It can also increase as a result of watching too many horror movies . Unlike other types of fear is important to note that there is very little to get in the way of dodge . If you have a fear of spiders you can avoid going into the jungle . However , the fear of the darkness there is always a night that follows day.

Fear of the dark is usually not fear the darkness itself, but fear of things that are not possible or imagined dangers concealed in darkness . A patient imagine what would or could happen when in dark . The earlier you discuss the possibility of strong fear that fear can control.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Phobia Driving Tips - How Can I Overcome Fear of Driving ?

Many of us silently bear the anxiety and fear while driving a vehicle . In fact , certain driving phobia affects millions of people . According to a recent study , at least 1 in 10 people suffer from phobias include fear of driving . The disorder is more common in women than in men .

Driving phobia is a very high form , often irrational , of anxiety . According to the National Institute of types of phobias Phobia sufferers often experience a panic attack and went out of their way to stay away from what they fear . If you suffer from a phobia of driving , then you may find it almost impossible to drive a car , so you may need to stop your car mid- drive .

Sometimes the cause is not clear driving phobia . Even if now you feel completely safe while driving , then you can develop a high fever associated with being in the car . However , driving phobia often begins after witnessing or experiencing a vehicle accident . Sometimes develops after driving through bad weather or a horrible night gives stress to the driver .

Driving phobia signs include nausea , panic attacks , pain , depression , severe headaches , sweating , feelings of anger , driving nightmares , sleeplessness , sore eyes , difficulty swallowing , and increased sensitivity . While mild phobia does not directly endanger the safety , driving while struggling with a phobia of certain unsafe driving . If you suffer from a phobia of driving , you may behave erratically and irrationally or perhaps having a panic attack while driving , which can disturb others . Thus , it is important to overcome the phobia of driving before you continue to drive .

There are many tips to overcome your fear of driving as described below :

    Make sure you have your eyes checked . It is likely that a portion of your insecurities about not driving to see dangerous objects until they are very close to you . The ability to read traffic signs further ahead gives you a better time to respond .

    Taking a safe driving course . This kind of course will increase your confidence when you understand the requirements and techniques for safer driving .

    Before you drive , try to do things that can help you reduce your tension . For example , you can go on the treadmill or doing something else that requires skill and attention . Discard all rational basis for fear of driving you . Avoid thinking only about having to drive . Instead , engage in informal talks about common topics is good to keep your mind diverted from mind driving .

    Prepare yourself to go . This means you should check your gas tank , license , registration , tolls in advance . If possible , you can prepare your clothes the night before when you need to drive in the morning . It is also good to use the bathroom before you start driving . Thus , you do not care about these things because you are worried about driving .

    Plan your route before leaving . Understanding these benefits you in advance if you are using a GPS or not . To feel more prepared , you can also schedule your time driving to traffic and a less busy time . For example , you can try to leave work early to avoid the rush hour . Admit route that has more truck traffic , so you can change your route to avoid the interference of the big truck .

    Decrease distractions while driving . Turn off your cell phone . Do not chat with passengers . Turn off the radio , unless your favorite radio stations that make you relax . Driving is a serious thing . It is important that you keep your eyes on the road ahead of you .

    Breathe deeply for a few seconds along the way you drive . If you start to panic , try to calm yourself by breathing slower . If the panic continues , pull over to the side of the road so you can feel better to continue driving . Keep telling yourself that you can drive well and will arrive at the destination safely .

    Reward yourself each time you arrive at your destination . Congratulate yourself on what you have achieved . Even when others do not think driving is a big problem , keep doing it as it actually is a great achievement . Celebrate your own success .

    If you rarely drive , then the high speed interstate highways streets of a busy city can be daunting for you . Do not rush . It is important to build up your confidence gradually. You can start with a short drive to the nearest library , parks , or grocery stores . Whenever you can pass any route without incident , you can be more confident .

    In your spare time when you're not trying to get a CD drive that uses self - hypnosis to help reduce your anxiety driving . Some people find that after listening to it a few times they were able to overcome their fear of driving that comes especially when crossing the bridge , facing busy passing traffic or interstate highways .

    Do not worry if you get lost while driving as it is actually an opportunity to explore . Find your way home through unfamiliar roads can boost your confidence and open up new areas to conquer . In case you become too frantic to drive , you can always ask a family member or friend to come and pick you up . It is dangerous to drive when she was very frantic . This may prevent you from who want to drive in the future .

After all , for driving phobia treatment depends entirely on the subject and level of the phobia itself . To diagnose the severity of your driving phobia , trained , medical professionals can help and recommend appropriate medication or counseling to treat it . Often a doctor or psychologist using the Cognitive Therapy - Behavioral ( CBT ) to help individuals suffering from learning a new way of thinking to avoid driving fears .

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Effect of Concussion

What is a concussion ? Concussion is a type of head injury where the head of the region received an enormous impact or traumatic experiences . Although generally not serious concussion , there is still a possibility that it can cause brain injury and long-term damage . To understand this injury better , read below to find out the effect of short-term and long-term that brings to patients .

Short-term effects of concussion usually last for a short time only. Some can be very short and lasts for a few hours while others may take up to days or weeks before a full recovery . Symptoms can appear at various times as well . Some appear right after the incident while other symptoms delayed for days or weeks . Examples of short-term effects include headache , tinnitus , dizziness , nausea and loss of consciousness . Some people may have difficulty in sleeping while others may experience vision problems are related . Including the effects of emotional trauma , mood swings and impotence . Other people may experience anxiety and anxious over things simple , especially with regard to self and family . Concussions can also affect a person in terms of cognitive function . Some people may experience memory loss while others have difficulty in concentrating on things . It can also affect the reaction time and the ability to speak one's .

There are times when the effects of concussions take longer than usual . Some of these are total loss of memory , clinical depression , extreme anxiety and lack of muscle coordination . Long-term effects should be checked regularly to the doctor to apply the best treatment and treatment for full recovery . It is also important to note that once you have experienced a concussion , you should be more careful with your head since getting injured for the second time will cause more serious damage .

How do you get a concussion ? Most of the cases come from a sports injury , especially involving the game ball . Ball games such as soccer and basketball makes players more susceptible to severe hit in the head . It is important for every player to be careful of their movements at all times . Others come from accidents such as falls and motorcycle accidents . It is best if you always wear protective gear for the head before you do extreme activities or sports . If your head is exposed , whether it's hard or not , it is advisable to go to the nearest doctor . Have your head examined to determine if there is serious damage that has occurred . Effects of concussions can be prevented and treated promptly if a case is diagnosed early .

Concussions can bring light to severe damage to the head and brain , as well as the effects of short-term and long-term . Therefore , you should always be careful of your health and your environment to avoid situations that can cause traumatic head injury .

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cucumber for Skin Health

Enduring tendency in skin care is to go for natural remedies are free from artificial colors and fragrances . Is it to achieve clear skin naturally or treat skin conditions such as acne , there are natural remedies and homemade endless . Cucumbers can provide skin care solutions are sought or acne that you are looking for. Let's learn more !

Cucumber , fruit of the vine creeping , has its roots in India . It has been used in Asia and the Middle East as a natural agent to bring a cooling effect on the skin . With a mild flavor and a very high water content - more than 90 percent water - cucumber is one of the best natural acne cures that can hydrate and moisturize your skin , reduce inflammation and redness . Other healthy nutrients cucumbers including vitamin A, vitamin C , vitamin E , potassium and amino acids . We all know that vitamin antioxidants , particularly vitamin E , have an important role in preventing free radical damage to your skin .

In what form is the most profitable cucumber ? Well , cucumber works both internally and externally . It can be consumed as a salad every day . You also can eat cucumber juice , mixing with other tasty ingredients such as yogurt and strawberries . When placed cucumber slices on your eyes to reduce dark circles and puffiness , rendering a calming effect . It can form an effective mask too .

Use cucumber mask Egypt dates back to Cleopatra . To make a mask of all - natural , simple , medium-sized cucumber slices , puree in a blender and add other natural ingredients depending on the benefits of whatever you intend to originate from the mask . For example , yogurt embed moisturizing properties , while the oatmeal gives exfoliating properties . Similarly , antimicrobial honey , lemon juice and yeast is a substance provides a deep cleansing . Puree ingredients , add them gradually, until the mask reaches the right consistency , which is thick enough to smooth on your skin . Apply on face, avoiding your eyes , leave on for fifteen minutes , rinse with warm water , and pat - dry . Unused portions can be refrigerated for a day or two and used again .

Many frustrated acne sufferers have found relief this wonder vegetable , one of the many effective home remedies for acne . Regular application of cucumber juice on the acne -infested skin helps to open the pores , so that the deep cleansing to remove dirt , oil and bacteria . Soothe acne treatment not only reduces inflammation but also softens rough skin and irritation to give even texture . Amino acids and minerals help the company present in cucumber and regenerate your skin , thus reducing the formation of wrinkles . Cucumber is also recommended to treat other health problems such as diabetes , high blood pressure , overweight and arthritis .

The biggest advantage to using cucumber skin care is that it is cheap . It is amazing to note that the cucumber is popularly used in expensive spa treatments . Cucumber is lightweight and can be a part of your daily diet and external skin care regimen . Additional benefits are tremendous . For example , an afternoon snack cucumbers - will get rid of the salad - off the hunger , facilitate weight loss and improve skin health .

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Using Papaya to Fight Acne

Most of us assume that only oily skin prone to acne inflammation , skin oil or sebum traps dust and encourage the growth of bacteria that cause acne . However , the reality is that even dry or combination skin prone to acne problems . To add to the woe , skin types are more sensitive to over-the - counter acne products containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid and prescription ointment . This is where the acne treatment came to our rescue and in this case the papaya is known to provide an effective and gentle solution . Let us investigate this !

What are the medicinal properties of papaya which makes it effective in treating acne ? Papaya to soften the skin and lighten skin color . Raw papaya juice reduces inflammation , brown spots , pigmentation and blemishes to the extent known . A protein enzyme - dissolving called " papain " responsible for the acne -fighting properties of papaya fruit . Not only that , it contains sericin papaya seeds and papaya leaves contain alkali captain who has a property to prevent and treat acne . Papain dissolves fats and unclogs pores , rendering your skin free of lipids . In other words , it exfoliates the outer skin layer to slough off dead cells and promote the growth of healthy cells . Raw papaya juice can prevent the formation of pus , perhaps the greatest curse of inflammatory acne . Papaya -based ointments , soaps and acne products containing papain extracted from the unripe fruit .

Using papaya to start natural acne treatment is quite simple . The easiest method is to mash the fruit and apply it on the affected area . Alternatively , apply the paste all over your face as a mask , leave on for about 20 minutes until the mask dries and rinse with cold water . You can also make a mask of papaya and pineapple juice ( mix ¼ cup of mashed raw papaya with pineapple juice 1 teaspoon raw ) to improve skin tone in addition to the removal of acne . Just pat juicy pulp on the face and neck using your fingers and lay down with a towel around the head and behind the neck , as the mixture will be runny . You can actually feel the product working through a tingling sensation . Rinse off after about 20 minutes . Alternatively , apply the juice of raw papaya on pimples area earnestness inflammation .

Clear that papaya has both preventive and restorative properties , namely papaya skin care routine to prevent acne and also remove acne that has emerged . In addition , papaya is an important part of a healthy diet . Ripe papaya is rich in beta - carotene , a powerful antioxidant that prevents oxidative damage and increase the production of healthy cells . It also contains folate , vitamin A , vitamin B , and vitamin C , which is an essential nutrient healthy skin .

A word of caution here is to avoid papaya if you are sensitive to latex . Pregnant women should also avoid treatments such as latex can cause uterine contractions . Ripe papaya has a very small amount of latex while papaya contains a lot of latex , which can cause allergic reactions .

Friday, July 19, 2013


Osteoclasts remove old bone , the osteoblasts help create new bone . Bone remodeling is completed every 3 to 4 months in healthy young adults . Osteoclasts and osteoblasts become less efficient with age . With osteoporosis , bone loss occurs more rapidly cause thin , weak and brittle bones . During menopause , estrogen levels decrease dramatically , casing faster rate of bone loss .

STATISTICS OSTEOPOROSIS Osteoporosis affects two million Canadians usually 1 in 4 women over age 50 , 1 in 8 people ≈ $ 1.3 billion cost of treatment per year in Canada defects , decreased self-esteem , reduction or loss of mobility , and decreased independence can occur . 80 % of hip fractures are considered osteoporosis . Hip fractures can cause death in up to 20 % of cases , and disability in 50 % of the victims

Bone Mineral Density ( BMD ) test is the use of bone densitometry , safe painless test for osteoporosis . BMD testing is the most common dual energy xray absorptiometry ( DXA ) . Patients lie on a table for a few minutes while the detector x - ray scan small spine / hip with a very small amount of radiation .

• Vitamin D - essential for normal growth and development of bones / teeth .
• It helps the body maintain normal levels of calcium and phosphorus to affect absorption in the intestine . Vitamin D3 increases calcium absorption as much as 30-80 percent .
• 25 minutes a day of exposure to sunlight allows the body to make vitamin D. But enough , sunscreen and an increased level of color / melanin in the skin can interfere with this process . It is therefore important to consider the sources of food
• The need for vitamin D also increases after age 50 . It is now recommended that Canadians aged 19 to 50 , including pregnant or breastfeeding women , received 400 international units ( IU ) of vitamin D3 per day . Adults over 50 should receive 800 IU . This level can be obtained with a variety of foods or supplements

OSTEOPOROSIS - Major risk factors Age 65 or more vertebral compression fractures with minimal trauma fracture after age 40 Family history of osteoporotic fractures of the long -term use of glucocorticoid therapy such as prednisone medical condition that inhibits the absorption of nutrients Primary hyperparathyroidism Osteopenia clearly on x - ray hypogonadism ( testosterone in men ↓ , loss of menstrual periods in young women ) early menopause ( before age 45 )
Risk factors for fracture : bone mineral density decreased fragility Before , trauma fractures long term ( > 3 months continuously ) use of glucocorticoid therapy ( prednisone ) Family history of osteoporotic fracture
Calcium is in almost every cell in the body needs calcium and bone for strength . Calcium is found in the skeleton and teeth , in cells and in the blood . Body carefully organize the supply of calcium to absorb it from the food we eat , take calcium from our bones , or slow down the amount that leaves the body . Its main purpose is to maintain adequate calcium supply to the reservoir ( bone ) has not been exhausted . Bone density depends on the intake of calcium at a young age . The greater the peak bone mass , the less likely to become brittle and fragile bones in later life . Calcium is absorbed less effective as we age , but studies of adults show that adequate calcium intake can slow bone loss and reduce fracture risk .

• Calculate the calcium intake that goes in your body every day and see if you reach the recommended levels .
• Dairy products ( milk , cheese and yogurt ) is an excellent source of calcium , easily absorbed by the body .
• Calcium -fortified soy beverages and orange juice contains as much calcium as milk .
• Vegetables also provide calcium , as well as products containing fish bones ( canned salmon and sardines ) and meat alternatives such as lentils and beans .
• loss of calcium through the urine is expected to increase with excess consumption of salt and caffeine .
• More than 90 % of sodium comes from food and instead of table salt . Therefore , it is recommended to keep the intake of salt and salty foods to a minimum .
• Consuming more than four cups a day of caffeinated drug - coffee , sports drinks , cola drinks can affect the absorption of calcium .
• People who can not afford or choose not to eat dairy foods intake of calcium should monitor carefully and consider calcium supplements to meet their daily needs .

• Physical activity - an important factor in risk reduction and treatment of osteoporosis
• Physical activity to assist in building and maintaining bone health , and increase muscle strength .
• Physical activity is placing increasing " burden " or the strength of the bone . Bone responds by forming new bone and remodeling for strength .
• Physical activity improves balance and coordination , reduce the risk of falls that could end up with broken bones . Improved strength , flexibility and posture can relieve pain and allow people with osteoporosis can perform tasks easier everyday .

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Smoking Can Kill Your Sex Life !

Advertisements on television and in movie action hero says it all . It goes like this - it was a rough cowboy riding his horse and stopped at the top of a hill overlooking the Montana countryside with beautiful mountain scenery to cigarette smoke showed off pictures virility and youth . Or , for a James Bond movie , where a secret agent double - zero - seven ( 007 ) was found sitting in a trendy restaurant in the far abroad , premium cigarette brand smoked since he was being watched by some pretty girls nearby.

But the sad truth is the real picture of the smoke is completely different , even though it was not mentioned in the various media of communication about the dangers of smoking . In this regard , studies have found that men who smoke are 50 percent more likely to suffer from problems with their sex lives than men who do not smoke .

How Nicotine Causes Impotence ?

For Men .

Nicotine causes constriction of blood vessels in the body . That is, it causes the arteries and blood vessels to narrow and cause the blood flow is slowed or blocked - including those responsible for a man's erection . Nicotine also lowers testosterone ( male hormone ) and other hormones in the blood . And increases fatty acids in the blood , thus increasing cases of clogged arteries and further restrict blood flow to the genitals .

For Women .

Women who smoke also can not be separated from the bad effects of smoking . There is strong evidence that smoking can make it more difficult for a woman to have an orgasm during sex . Nicotine will also damage the ovaries , causing menstrual abnormalities and decreased estrogen production . This can lead to early menopause with side effects such as increased aging and dryness of the reproductive organs .

Finally , A Question of Attraction.

Have you ever wondered what the smoke is not for your appeal to the opposite sex ? This causes bad breath , smelly clothes , stained teeth and fingers , which are not exactly a turn -on . So , when you quit smoking , you find that you instantly become more attractive to the people around you , friends non - smoking and colleagues.


There is a very real danger of cancer and heart disease when you smoke long term . But your sexual pleasure is something that smoke can affect the present or in the very near future . Think about it for a minute or two and you know it is worth the sacrifice and make the extra effort to quit smoking . This is just one more reason to quit smoking and lead a healthy life .

Please feel free to distribute this article about people who are smokers such as family members , friends or work colleagues and find a good reason to quit smoking .

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Healthy Diet Plan For Cellulite

In short , most direct answer is : " yes " ...

But women believe certain foods and nutrients will " flush out the toxins that cause cellulite you " ... THAT IS TOTALLY WRONG - because there are no toxins in or under your skin . If there are toxins build up and get trapped under your skin , you will die . Plain and simple . Thus they are not designed to eliminate body toxins there.Rooms very efficient . This physiological process occurs 24/7-non-stop .

hormone Optimization

When hormones are optimized - all body processes are also optimized . Both the structure and the function given all the right elements to thrive . But equally important is the elimination of certain materials and chemicals , which have a negative impact on hormonal regulation and balance . Artificial sweeteners , conditioners , stabilizers , additives and artificial preservatives , used so freely in the mass market food and beverage production , you choose ( A ) items to include and ( B ) the items to avoid . Thats it ... Only 2 main rules to follow .

Here are some specifics on the " avoid " list : - Acesulfame potassium , artificial sweeteners ( there are 4 others )

- Potassium bromate , preservatives banned in most countries

- Red - 3 , artificial additives shown to cause thyroid tumors in mice , and possibly in humans .

Here are some specifics on the " include " list : - a complete protein , or a combo of protein ( salmon , oysters , pecans , almonds , eggs )

- Carbohydrates high nutrient ( sweet potatoes , carrots , chick peas , lentils )

- Essential fatty acids / EFA ' s/Omega-3 ' s ( this is in some foods above )

How does this approach enhance trouble spots and problem areas ?

When you expose the muscles of the leg area , butt , hips and thighs with appropriate stimulation ( synergistic muscle layer stimulation / symulast ) - you want to feed your body the proper nutrition so that :

The muscles can be toned and more " toned " ( reversing the adverse effects of muscle atrophy ) . You create an internal environment that is favorable for the proper balance of female hormones and functions . You provide cell - cell and cell membrane with all the elements they need to maintain their structural integrity - and this has a direct effect on your outward appearance .

This is important : When following a diet of anti - cellulite is structured very healthy for you in many ways ( just a matter of cellulite ) - YOU WILL NOT see the real benefit unless combined with proper exercises that target your trouble spots and problem areas of your body lower .

I proficiency acute personality , which remediates chronicity of the situation . Standing in welcoming people in relief .
more detailed information about the actual medicine for cellulite and hope you will welcome below .

Monday, July 15, 2013

Non - Surgical Ways To Smooth Out Around Facial Skin

You do not have to have plastic surgery if you want to reverse the signs of aging . Many experienced plastic surgeons also offer non - surgical facial rejuvenation procedures .

Your skin , especially your facial skin , exposed to environmental damage every day . UV rays cause sun damage , wrinkles creating a bright light , and gravity takes its toll inevitable in every person . Life , it also leaves a mark with laugh lines , frown lines and other facial creases . And the natural process of aging means that the skin loses firmness and volume because the body produces less collagen over time .

However , there are several ways non - surgery to smooth the skin and reverse the signs of aging .

liquid facelift

Liquid facelifts is a broad term for a non - surgical , injectable facial rejuvenation procedures . They are usually composed of dermal fillers and neurotoxins like Botox . These treatments liquid facelift wrinkles by filling them and with the relaxation of the facial muscles that cause wrinkles .

dermal fillers

Dermal fillers , also known as soft tissue fillers , is a compound or gel that fills facial lines and creases , smoothing the skin .

There are several different compounds , which have a slightly different affect . Your plastic surgeon will recommend which filler is best for your own unique procedures . Juvederm , for example , is an excellent hyaluronic acid for lip enhancement , and restore firmness and fullness to the cheeks , eyebrows , and temples .


Revolumizers others are dermal fillers , suitable for reversing loss of facial fat known as lipoatrophy . Cause the appearance of facial fat loss hollow eyes , sunken cheeks , and indentation . This fat is replaced using a revolumizer .

Some revolumizers is durable gel , as Bioalcamid , which is injected into the tissue under your skin to restore volume .


Many surgeons highly recommend Sculptra , a new revolumizing care . Sculptra is a three- dimensional sculpture agent that restores volume to the skin , tighten sagging skin , and fight the effects of gravity . It is injected into the dermis where it promotes the skin to produce more collagen , adding volume to the hollow and wrinkles naturally .

Sculptra is made of a durable synthetic material that improves the appearance of sunken areas by gradually increasing the thickness of the skin .

It is a very popular treatment in many countries . Many surgeons are trained in advanced techniques .


Botox is one of the most popular surgical treatment of non - surgical facial rejuvenation . Botox is a neurotoxin that relaxes muscles . Number of minutes that were injected with a small needle into the muscles that cause facial wrinkles , such as forehead wrinkles , and lines between the eyebrows . Botox relaxes the muscles , which smooths out wrinkles and lines .

combination treatment

Many plastic surgeons recommend a combination of facial rejuvenation procedures , such as dermal filler combines with Botox to fill in lines and creases and wrinkles relax and frowned .

Non - surgical procedures are not permanently reverse the signs of aging , although they can last for two years , in the case of Sculptra .

If you do not want to undergo a facial rejuvenation surgery , you will be able to restore your youthful skin with non - surgical procedures .

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hair Color Tips

Hair color is an inexpensive way to change the way you see and sometimes take your spirit . If you

The first rule of coloring your hair is to you to keep the color palette that looks good with your skin color . If you have fair skin then deep black on your hair will look unnatural , so you will want to choose a color that looks good with your skin color .

There is ammonia -free hair color products available for people who want to change the color yourself at home . This ammonia -free hair color products will be labeled on the front of the box to let you know that they do not contain ammonia . These products are gentle on your hair and they are better for people who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma .

Friday, July 12, 2013

5 Steps to Flawless Skin and Hair

The market is flooded with chemical -based skin and hair care products for you to experiment .
However , if the cost worth it ? You should know that the most effective skin and hair care offered by natural products and treatments . Below , we have revealed some underhanded tricks and secrets for reaching the most coveted hair and skin , naturally .

Follow the natural path to beauty :

Step 1 : When bathing , use warm water . Refrain from using hot water as it has been proven to strip the skin and hair of natural oils that help keep them soft and supple . Wipe your face with a soft towel which does not cause bruising while wiping the excess water . Also , in case your hair , let it air dry rather than blow drying and exposing it to high heat intensity and eventually dry and brittle .

Step 2 : You have to understand the value of having healthy skin and hair . If you want to show off smooth , healthy skin and hair , you need to treat them like a treasure either . While applying a cream or moisturizer , apply it gently run your fingers through your face . As far as possible , try to keep your hands off your face and hair to avoid germs stored on them .

Step 3 : Enjoy the natural skin care exfoliating your skin with herbal skin cleanser and moisturizer that offers essential nutrients and minerals to your skin . Use herbal infused , refreshing scrub skin to ward off all the dead cells bringing forth a fresh , smooth skin . In terms of hair , choose a natural hair care products like shampoos , conditioners to help improve the quality of your hair without artificial chemicals . You can also apply the yogurt , eggs , warm the oil to your hair at the weekend to improve the deteriorating condition of your hair .

Step 4 : Walk in the sun without applying sunscreen or a sunscreen called hair skin care problems . Investing in natural sunscreen available for both your skin and hair protection . Do this as and when you are out in the sun will make your skin and hair untouched and undamaged almost miraculous .

Step 5 : When it comes to stains , scars , wrinkles , and other skin imperfections , relax . You can opt for microdermabrasion . It is a kind of skin purification process that uses no chemicals or laser procedures . The ideal way to get rid of skin care products made ​​by taking them out of your schedule and make use of natural , pure , chemical -free approach .

If you are worried about where to get the best natural beauty products for skin and hair benefits , do not fret ! With the advent of technology , you can get all the beauty products online . Along with this , load your diet with foods and drinks rich in antioxidants and other essential minerals to crush damage caused by pollution of the environment healthy . Some skin and hair benefits of green tea and foods including fresh fruits and vegetables are a powerhouse of vitamins A , C and E.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

4 Food to Losing Weight

Every day , the people who try to lose weight until eventually discover that they have a much more difficult time achieving their goals in this area than they ever imagined they would have , because they continue to see the same range of numbers each time they step on the scale , no matter how much they work out and push myself in the gym , one thing that most people in this position fail to realize , however , is that there is much more to lose weight and become more healthy than just working out ! On top of putting in your time exercising and get yourself in shape , it will also be important that you understand which foods you should eat , and that you understand the foods that you should avoid , as such , here is a look at the four most important food for make sure you avoid if you " lose weight " is pursuing your goals !

Refined sugar : One of the main things that you will want to be aware of , when trying to get your weight under control , is that natural foods would have a very negative impact on your body , and one of the kings of this "unnatural food " is a refined sugar , processed sweets while probably good at the time , they eat impact lasts far longer than you want , and set back efforts to conquer your weight in the end .

Refined grains : refined grains other is one of the major causes when it comes to weight loss , because the body turns carbohydrates into glucose , and then mobilize insulin to clear glucose out of the blood stream , it has a double effect , with the the first thing is that your body then stores this glucose as fat , and the second thing is that your insulin work to get glucose from the bloodstream , instead of doing other work : burn stored fat for energy !

Certain fruits : While the fruit is really one of the best meals you 'll be able to put in your body , it is
important to realize that not all fruits are created equal , when you are dealing with a high fruit sugar ( though this is natural sugars , and therefore are not " bad " for your body ) , you will put yourself in a position to handle high amounts of weight.

" Empty " food : And finally , it will be important that you start avoiding foods that just fill you up , without providing you with significant nutritional value , bread , of course , is one of the foods that fall into this category , but other foods in this category includes pota
toes and beans ( yes , beans are not beans - they legume - and the health benefits of nuts is not nearly as big as the health benefits of killing another , completely nuts ) .

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Junk Food Facts

Cocaine , Heroin , Hershey , Fritos - what all these substances have in common ? Recent research has shown that junk food has some addictive properties just as hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin because they stimulate the brain in the same way in terms of satisfaction and other needs ' fixing ' .

Sugar , salt , and fat seems to be a hazardous materials find their way to the brain's pleasure center , hit what is known as a point of happiness causes the brain to feel appreciated , but only for a short time before requiring a dose of secondary sources , and as this cycle lasts the need for materials become larger , more frequent , and in higher doses to get the same pleasurable feelings . This drives the desire and addictive behavior , and in turn , increase the consumption of junk food . The companies that are responsible for the production of this food has to science - neuroscience . They have manipulated the sugar , salt , and fat in such a way to cause that the ' high ' that consumers have come to expect when enjoying their favorite snack .

Why sugar ? As mentioned , the sugar encourages the brain to reach the point of happiness , joy and produces spikes rapidly decreased job satisfaction of desire / response cycle .

Fat ? Pleasure derived from fat , known in the industry as the ' mouth feel ' . Tactile sensation of something crunchy or sticky trigger such a response that is similar to sugar in the pleasure center .

And Salt ? Salt is mainly about the taste and increase shelf life . It's about that incredible burst satisfying salty taste that encourages the brain to want more . We've all heard the saying of the popular chip brand Lay 's country " Bet you can not eat just one " . Lay and other similar companies bank on this bet and had to use the right combination of sugar , salt , fat , and natural and artificial flavor enhancers other to ensure repeat customers .

While the brain is manipulated internally , we also sold on this product even before they entre our bodies . Mass marketing has been done to ensure our subconscious constantly bursting with media such as print ads and commercials , jingles , and slogans that keep them top of mind when the next movie or grab a snack break repair work . Their packaging is also done to attract the eye with bright colors and words that make them from shelf to cart us without even really want them !

First world countries , while having both knowledge about why this product is unhealthy and access to whole foods and healthy alternatives , and choose over- processed , engineered , high- calorie , low-value food - nutrition . Why ? Because it has become an addiction . The conglomerates have used the above method to get our food addiction is similar to the tobacco companies continue to keep millions smoking as risk has been delivered to the buyer the right on the package ! Just say ' No' may no longer be a problem , or lack of good will power .

Food Addiction garbage has caused some morbid obesity in the U.S. & Canada , and it's time for a change . Challenge yourself to spend 90% of your family's food budget as a whole food and is only 10 % on processed, prepackaged foods . This simple change can change the diet and health tenfold ! Shake the excess weight is not just a diet , but adding exercise , and increase hydration to see the best results . Help with addiction and junk food companies such as Lay said that " Yes we can eat just one , only we choose to eat there " .

Monday, July 8, 2013

5 Tips to Stop Panic When Driving

Do you suffer from driving phobia ? Do you find yourself avoiding driving on the freeway , just stick
to the route that you know , or even make up an excuse so that you can avoid driving at all ? Does the very thought of driving start your heart racing and your palms sweating to go ? Do you remember what triggers your fear of driving ? Are you afraid of having a panic attack while driving ?
Driving phobia is very common and tends to occur after a traumatic event . It's not even necessarily have to be directly related to the driving experience itself .
It could even happen after a relationship break- up , loss or just stress in the workplace . It also affects people as they get older .
He began to show itself to avoid - you might start making excuses for why you can not drive . This can result in your personal life because you can be less sociable , preferring to stay at home .
In extreme cases , if left unchecked , other phobias may arise , as well as a bout of depression , agoraphobia and panic .
So what happened here ? Well your brain tells you to avoid this situation as a sort of defense mechanism , a protective measure . It tells the body to detect the danger and you do not expose yourself to the risk and danger . It may be completely irrational but can have a strong influence on you .
So what can you do about it ?

Tips to stop panic attacks while driving :
1 ) Feeling fear and do it anyway - we all have moments when we are afraid to do anything . The only difference is considered to be afraid of your scale . You may feel you are on a scale of 7 or 8 out of 10 if you have to give the score. So try this : Imagine you are a soldier going to war . You only have to face one 's enemies , to do it and then it's over . Yes , you will feel all the symptoms that arise familiar , but once you confront fear , something very strange happens : you start to feel a little high , a kind of numbness that can only be described as excitement !
But relax , you do not have to face all your fears as well , which brings me to point 2 ...
2 ) Take small steps - you do not need to fill up the car and go a hundred miles on the freeway ! Simply start by driving around the block . Take things slowly . And after every small step to give yourself a pat on the back - you 've just accomplished something . Remember, the journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step .
3 ) Take a friend - share your problems with a trusted friend can make all the difference . Take them on a trip with you when feeling stressed .
4 ) Make it fun - driving the association started with a pleasant experience with driving to your favorite spot for a picnic , to the movies . Play your favorite music that gives you the greatest pleasure . Make your car to be a nice place to be .
5 ) Use your imagination - before you travel , close your eyes and picture yourself driving through a beautiful country scene . Try to taste everything . Look at the tree through the car window . Feel the steering wheel in your hand and smile when you look around . Breathe deeply while doing it and feel all your cares just drift .
The trick is to capture moments of fear before running away with you . Quite accept it and move on. It will start disappearing faster and faster , the more you deal with it . Do not try to avoid stressful situations - embrace them !

Relaxation techniques While Driving
1 . As you drive along , you may see a lot of tension in your face , jaw , neck , and shoulders . Identify where you feel stressed and make a conscious effort to relax these muscles . Work your way down from the top of your head to your shoulders . You may have to repeat several times until you feel it come into effect .
2 . Try squeezing and relaxing your hands on the wheel and repeat until you begin to feel calmer .
3 . When you feel tense , you have a tendency to breathe shallowly, so make a conscious effort to breathe slowly and deeply through your stomach all the time . But still slow .
The only sure - fire way to stop panic attacks while driving is to face your fears and with constant practice . But the result is very liberating .
Start with small steps and try to improve each time .