Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Junk Food Facts

Cocaine , Heroin , Hershey , Fritos - what all these substances have in common ? Recent research has shown that junk food has some addictive properties just as hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin because they stimulate the brain in the same way in terms of satisfaction and other needs ' fixing ' .

Sugar , salt , and fat seems to be a hazardous materials find their way to the brain's pleasure center , hit what is known as a point of happiness causes the brain to feel appreciated , but only for a short time before requiring a dose of secondary sources , and as this cycle lasts the need for materials become larger , more frequent , and in higher doses to get the same pleasurable feelings . This drives the desire and addictive behavior , and in turn , increase the consumption of junk food . The companies that are responsible for the production of this food has to science - neuroscience . They have manipulated the sugar , salt , and fat in such a way to cause that the ' high ' that consumers have come to expect when enjoying their favorite snack .

Why sugar ? As mentioned , the sugar encourages the brain to reach the point of happiness , joy and produces spikes rapidly decreased job satisfaction of desire / response cycle .

Fat ? Pleasure derived from fat , known in the industry as the ' mouth feel ' . Tactile sensation of something crunchy or sticky trigger such a response that is similar to sugar in the pleasure center .

And Salt ? Salt is mainly about the taste and increase shelf life . It's about that incredible burst satisfying salty taste that encourages the brain to want more . We've all heard the saying of the popular chip brand Lay 's country " Bet you can not eat just one " . Lay and other similar companies bank on this bet and had to use the right combination of sugar , salt , fat , and natural and artificial flavor enhancers other to ensure repeat customers .

While the brain is manipulated internally , we also sold on this product even before they entre our bodies . Mass marketing has been done to ensure our subconscious constantly bursting with media such as print ads and commercials , jingles , and slogans that keep them top of mind when the next movie or grab a snack break repair work . Their packaging is also done to attract the eye with bright colors and words that make them from shelf to cart us without even really want them !

First world countries , while having both knowledge about why this product is unhealthy and access to whole foods and healthy alternatives , and choose over- processed , engineered , high- calorie , low-value food - nutrition . Why ? Because it has become an addiction . The conglomerates have used the above method to get our food addiction is similar to the tobacco companies continue to keep millions smoking as risk has been delivered to the buyer the right on the package ! Just say ' No' may no longer be a problem , or lack of good will power .

Food Addiction garbage has caused some morbid obesity in the U.S. & Canada , and it's time for a change . Challenge yourself to spend 90% of your family's food budget as a whole food and is only 10 % on processed, prepackaged foods . This simple change can change the diet and health tenfold ! Shake the excess weight is not just a diet , but adding exercise , and increase hydration to see the best results . Help with addiction and junk food companies such as Lay said that " Yes we can eat just one , only we choose to eat there " .

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