Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hair Color Tips

Hair color is an inexpensive way to change the way you see and sometimes take your spirit . If you

The first rule of coloring your hair is to you to keep the color palette that looks good with your skin color . If you have fair skin then deep black on your hair will look unnatural , so you will want to choose a color that looks good with your skin color .

There is ammonia -free hair color products available for people who want to change the color yourself at home . This ammonia -free hair color products will be labeled on the front of the box to let you know that they do not contain ammonia . These products are gentle on your hair and they are better for people who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma .

Consider the thickness and length of your hair when you purchase the product . Most hair coloring kit is designed for people with average length hair is thick on average . If your locks are longer or thicker than average you may not have enough hair color in a box to get the look you want . If you think this might happen would be better to buy more than one color box .

You can put petroleum jelly around your hairline , at the tip of your ears and around your neck to stop the hair color of your skin discoloring . Simply apply petroleum jelly to the tip of your finger to these areas before you put the dye in your hair .

You can not save all the rest of the colors . When you 're dying your hair , you need to dispose of any of the products left over after you are done . Chemical reactions that can occur in these bottles can not be safe .

Always dye your hair in a well-ventilated area . Smoke dyes can cause people to become sick . You need good ventilation to ensure that you are not one of them .

Always do a test piece of hair to determine the length of time you have to leave the product on your hair . You can not say how well the hair will look if you watched it turn in the mirror while the product in place . You should do a test strip of hair to ensure the right amount of time you want to leave it in.

If you do not like the results of dye you can make it disappear quickly by washing your hair frequently . You can wash your hair use dish detergent or detergent to strip the color much faster , but it will make your hair dry and brittle . Do not apply another color to your hair without waiting for a few weeks or you can damage the hair .

go to a salon you will pay more for a hair color , but sometimes a professional touch is worth the money you spend . If you want to try to do some color changes at home then the following tips may be useful to you .

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