Thursday, July 25, 2013

Phobia Driving Tips - How Can I Overcome Fear of Driving ?

Many of us silently bear the anxiety and fear while driving a vehicle . In fact , certain driving phobia affects millions of people . According to a recent study , at least 1 in 10 people suffer from phobias include fear of driving . The disorder is more common in women than in men .

Driving phobia is a very high form , often irrational , of anxiety . According to the National Institute of types of phobias Phobia sufferers often experience a panic attack and went out of their way to stay away from what they fear . If you suffer from a phobia of driving , then you may find it almost impossible to drive a car , so you may need to stop your car mid- drive .

Sometimes the cause is not clear driving phobia . Even if now you feel completely safe while driving , then you can develop a high fever associated with being in the car . However , driving phobia often begins after witnessing or experiencing a vehicle accident . Sometimes develops after driving through bad weather or a horrible night gives stress to the driver .

Driving phobia signs include nausea , panic attacks , pain , depression , severe headaches , sweating , feelings of anger , driving nightmares , sleeplessness , sore eyes , difficulty swallowing , and increased sensitivity . While mild phobia does not directly endanger the safety , driving while struggling with a phobia of certain unsafe driving . If you suffer from a phobia of driving , you may behave erratically and irrationally or perhaps having a panic attack while driving , which can disturb others . Thus , it is important to overcome the phobia of driving before you continue to drive .

There are many tips to overcome your fear of driving as described below :

    Make sure you have your eyes checked . It is likely that a portion of your insecurities about not driving to see dangerous objects until they are very close to you . The ability to read traffic signs further ahead gives you a better time to respond .

    Taking a safe driving course . This kind of course will increase your confidence when you understand the requirements and techniques for safer driving .

    Before you drive , try to do things that can help you reduce your tension . For example , you can go on the treadmill or doing something else that requires skill and attention . Discard all rational basis for fear of driving you . Avoid thinking only about having to drive . Instead , engage in informal talks about common topics is good to keep your mind diverted from mind driving .

    Prepare yourself to go . This means you should check your gas tank , license , registration , tolls in advance . If possible , you can prepare your clothes the night before when you need to drive in the morning . It is also good to use the bathroom before you start driving . Thus , you do not care about these things because you are worried about driving .

    Plan your route before leaving . Understanding these benefits you in advance if you are using a GPS or not . To feel more prepared , you can also schedule your time driving to traffic and a less busy time . For example , you can try to leave work early to avoid the rush hour . Admit route that has more truck traffic , so you can change your route to avoid the interference of the big truck .

    Decrease distractions while driving . Turn off your cell phone . Do not chat with passengers . Turn off the radio , unless your favorite radio stations that make you relax . Driving is a serious thing . It is important that you keep your eyes on the road ahead of you .

    Breathe deeply for a few seconds along the way you drive . If you start to panic , try to calm yourself by breathing slower . If the panic continues , pull over to the side of the road so you can feel better to continue driving . Keep telling yourself that you can drive well and will arrive at the destination safely .

    Reward yourself each time you arrive at your destination . Congratulate yourself on what you have achieved . Even when others do not think driving is a big problem , keep doing it as it actually is a great achievement . Celebrate your own success .

    If you rarely drive , then the high speed interstate highways streets of a busy city can be daunting for you . Do not rush . It is important to build up your confidence gradually. You can start with a short drive to the nearest library , parks , or grocery stores . Whenever you can pass any route without incident , you can be more confident .

    In your spare time when you're not trying to get a CD drive that uses self - hypnosis to help reduce your anxiety driving . Some people find that after listening to it a few times they were able to overcome their fear of driving that comes especially when crossing the bridge , facing busy passing traffic or interstate highways .

    Do not worry if you get lost while driving as it is actually an opportunity to explore . Find your way home through unfamiliar roads can boost your confidence and open up new areas to conquer . In case you become too frantic to drive , you can always ask a family member or friend to come and pick you up . It is dangerous to drive when she was very frantic . This may prevent you from who want to drive in the future .

After all , for driving phobia treatment depends entirely on the subject and level of the phobia itself . To diagnose the severity of your driving phobia , trained , medical professionals can help and recommend appropriate medication or counseling to treat it . Often a doctor or psychologist using the Cognitive Therapy - Behavioral ( CBT ) to help individuals suffering from learning a new way of thinking to avoid driving fears .

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